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The Baltic Dry Index continues to implode. US debt is 3 times larger than the US Govt is telling us. GET READY WITH A-1 CREDIT NOW ! Don't tell us later you weren't warned.

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I have worked at the Bankruptcy Courts. Prior to that I worked at a very large Credit Bureau as a computer operator. Unlike my competitors my expertise comes from 20 years experience working within the system. And I am probably the only one who took Credit Management Courses in the Los Angeles area. Because of this I hesitate not to say that I am your best choice for resolving any credit problems that you may have. When I was working within the system at the credit bureau we would always be confronted by people who paid hundreds of dollars to have their bad credit erased (erase b.c.). And to their surprise nothing was ever removed ! The reason why is because no one, I repeat, no one can erase anything off your credit report that was correctly placed there ! Out of ten years of working with credit I had never seen or heard of anyone who was ever able to do this!


I help people by showing them how a new credit file in their same name is created, in the credit bureau's computer system. I first discovered how to do this while operating the credit bureau's computer where I worked. I was looking for a way to help people from becoming a victim of the multi-million dollar credit help industry. I show several techniques thus making it a very flexible Program. Once initiated, the process is done instantly ! All this sounds too good to be true because this is the best kept secret of the Credit Industry. Also, once you know how, it be done anytime - free of charge.

Create a new credit file in same name!!
There will be two files on a person in the credit bureau's system. One will have a person's old credit history with the bad credit on it and the other will have only good credit on it. I'll show you how to make sure only the new credit file will show up when applying for credit. Best of all, you do not even need a computer or use the Internet to do this. It is done free, automatically created in ALL the credit bureaus almost simultaneously. To create a new credit file sounds complicated but it is very simple to do. In fact it is easy as 1-2-3. And in the very same way a new DMV, FBI, Checksystems or any other bureaucratic file can be created just as easily - as you will see ... And this is not about using TIN or EIN #s. If you have filed or are thinking of filing bankruptcy it is no problem or of any consequence. Also, this works not only for US, Canada or UK but for all developed nations and as a matter of fact it works worldwide as all files are now computerized. There is no 'catch' of any kind. Everyone is eligible for our Program no matter how bad his or her credit is.

One person got his new file created and afterwards went to Montgomery Ward's instant credit department and got a $300 microwave oven on credit with NO MONEY DOWN ! Another was trying to buy a home and was denied because of bad credit. Then she came to me and as result she got that home she wanted ! Another woman's home was being foreclosed on and her credit was bad. She worked with me, let that house go and immediately bought another one. When she moved out of the first home she moved right into the new house but she wouldn't have been able to do this without clearing a credit check, which she coudn't have done without a new credit file.

Our information is also for people with good credit. Knowing how the Bureau files are created and compiled also enables you to check and monitor accuracy of your files and take action in case of derogatories that should not be there as well as identity theft. There is no end to the use of our information. Every person should be privy to this information.


People who have been denied loans, driving cars, and other credit finally got these things within hours of working with me ! People who have been haunted by their past can rest assured that there is help. They too can have a new start if they are determined enough. People with bad driving or other bad records have been able to drive again and overcome their past. Driving for and to work is an integral part of life. There are many people whose livelihood is adversely affected because of a revoked or a suspended Driving License. Some cannot find a job due to a suspended or a revoked DL or due to bad credit. With my information they are able to get their job and drive within minutes after receiving it. And do not worry about unjust bill collectors. They will suddenly become a thing of the past, a nightmare finally over.

Erase B.C.and Get the lowest interest rates!
With good credit you get the lowest interest rates thus saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in a lifetime in interest than if you have bad credit - not to mention the life of new cars, homes, and unlimitied cash loans to buy Corporations, Business, Real Estate ...... In order to get the ball rolling for you, please fill out the application below and forward it back along with cash, check,money order or credit card for $43 as soon as possible while this web-page is still on your monitor. As soon as we receive your payment we will EMAIL you the entire jumbo info. I have a no questions asked money back guarantee. It is right in the APPLICATION. I am willing to offer double your money back guarantee but refrain to do so as I do not want to give you the impression that I am 'showing off'. This information works every time - no exceptions. So you have only good credit to gain and nothing to lose ! So act now ! You'll be glad you did ! Also, I will tell you how to add TENS of years of good credit in your new Credit File OVERNIGHT! It's that simple. 100% truth. 24 Carat GOLD Information. Get Gold Credit Information now. These are the order options

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All in one package!!
Here's what all you get:

1) Info. on creation of new Credit,DMV, or any other Bureaucratic File.

2) Adding tens of years of AAA credit in Credit File 'overnight'.

3) Automatically making money with credit cards. This alone pays for our info.many times over in a short time.

4) Sources of Free Money.

5) Sources of Signature Loans and low interest credit cards.

6) Your house for a dollar.

7) Your own free luxury home.

8) Starting your own Credit Union,

and much... much more such useful information for fixing your life... all for a one-time fee of $43.



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Credit is getting tighter by the day with fewer banks and FORTUNE 500 companies competing with individuals for loans. With natural disasters or terrorism (WTC and NY area blackout are examples) or loss of incomes, credit is evermore precious without which renting cars, hotel rooms or apartments is practically impossible. Years of AAA credit is required for low interest loans. All files, be it Credit, DMV, MIB(medical), FBI, CIA or any others use the exact same techniques - and this 21st Century info. will be good as long as computers exist. Information is our birthright and is FOREVER. It is also about knowing our options. No computer is needed for new file creation and this application fee above is the ONLY cost, NOW or EVER. Use this info. now or keep it handy as a guarantee entry into the world of borrowed money. Control your life and future and strengthen your family and confidence. Order Now and Erase Bad Credit !

Now you can have it all!
Imagine yourself driving a Mercedes with a clean DMV file, clean FBI record and a wallet full of credit cards. You stop to eat in McDonalds, YOUR McDonalds !!! This is all possible now! One person charged up all his credit cards for a down payment of McDonalds. Within a year he had paid off all his debt and had over a $100,000 in his bank account. Stuff of your wildest dreams. ACT NOW and start on the right foot. We have just 3 things to tell you, erasebc, erasebc and erasebc.



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